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Isokinetic muscular strength and endurance of active men over age 50 using different training protocols

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  • The purpose of this study was to compare the muscular strength and endurance of thirty-two men 51 to 79 years of age who engage in weight training (WT), aerobic training (AT), cross training (CT), or no training (S). The design employed in the study was a 2x2 between subjects factorial design with weight training and aerobic training as the two factors. A KIN/COM isokinetic dynomometer was used to test muscular strength and endurance of the dominant leg extensors and chest/shoulder complex. Strength of the leg extensors and chest/shoulder complex were measured as peak torque and peak force, respectively, at a velocity of 60 degrees/second. Endurance of the same muscle groups was measured as the percent decline over 50 continuous maximal contractions at a velocity of 180 degrees/second. A two-way between subjects ANOVA and independent t-tests were used to analyze the difference between mean muscular strength and mean muscular endurance for each group. A significant weight training effect was found for leg strength, with the WT and CT groups (Weight Trained groups) exhibiting a greater peak torque than the AT and S groups (Non-Weight Trained groups). Participating in one of three training programs was found to have a significant effect for chest and shoulder strength, with the WT, CT, and AT groups exhibiting a greater peak force than the S group. However, no significant difference was found between the WT, CT, and AT groups for chest/shoulder strength. The WT group was found to have significantly greater muscular endurance of the leg compared to the S group. No other training effects were observed between any of the groups for either muscular endurance test.
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