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Threshold ionization spectroscopy of metal clusters and metal-ligand complexes

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  • In this dissertation, we describe a spectroscopic study of metal clusters and metal-ligand complexes using pulsed field ionization zero kinetic energy (PFI-ZEKE) photoelectron spectroscopy and mass analyzed threshold ionization (MATI) spectroscopy. Vibrational resolved spectra of sodium dimer, Na•NH₃, Na•(NH₃)₂ are presented. These spectra provide a direct measurement of the ionization potential of these species with a high precision. The vibrational structure of the spectra, combined with ab initio calculation, leads to a determination of the geometric structure of these clusters. To our knowledge, this investigation of the ZEKE spectra of Na•(NH₃)₂ is the first high resolution study of a complex with more than one polar molecules. Two dynamic processes related to ZEKE and MATI spectroscopy, i.e., associative formation of Rydberg state clusters and plasma trapping of energetic electrons are observed and studied in detail. The merits, as well as pitfalls of the ZEKE and MATI spectroscopy are demonstrated throughout the experiments. An innovative design of a MATI spectrometer is proposed for future studies.
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