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First-Year Mentorship Program Influence on Second-Year Student Success Public Deposited

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  • Second-year students are a population that is often overlooked by higher education institutions. Many programs are offered to foster the success of students, but there is little research on their influence on second-year students. Mentorship initiatives are well researched and utilized support programs for students, but relatively little research has been done to examine the influence on students beyond the length of the programs. This qualitative study was conducted to better understand how a first-year mentorship program influences second-year student success. The researcher interviewed six former participants of the Faculty Student Mentorship Program at Oregon State University. Three themes emerged from the participant’s narratives: skill development, support systems, and navigation. These themes indicated that mentorship programs continue to influence student success beyond the purview of the program. Furthermore, some recommendations for practitioners were discussed for running a mentorship program that influences success in the second year.
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