Development of a Strain Gage Program for the Measurement of Strain on Prototypic, Plate-type, High Performance Research Reactor Fuels under Flow Testing Public Deposited


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  • A large, multi-year experimental program has been conducted to develop a strain gaging program for application to the flow testing of prototypic, plate-type fuel for high performance research reactors. This test program has resulted in the selection of appropriate strain gage construction, adhesives, and protective coatings to allow the acquisition of plate strain during flow testing of the Generic Test Plate Assembly (GTPA) within the Oregon State University (OSU) Hydro-Mechanical Fuel Test Facility (HMFTF). All processes have been documented in procedures developed and utilized within the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 (NQA-1) compliant quality assurance program under which the HMFTF test program operates. Matrix testing has commenced using the results of this work with successful measurement of the onset of plastic deformation due to hydraulic loading during flow testing.
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