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Efficient wireless security protocols based on elliptic curve cryptography

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  • In recent years, the elliptic curve cryptosystems (ECC) have received attention due to their increased security with smaller key size which brings the advantage of less storage area and less bandwidth. Elliptic curve cryptography provides a methodology for obtaining high-speed, efficient, and scalable implementations of network security protocols. In addition low power consumption and code size reductions are the other benefits of the ECC-based security architectures. In this thesis, we mainly concentrate on public key authentication and key agreement protocols. After discussing several well-known protocols, we propose an authentication and key agreement protocol for wireless communication based on the elliptic curve cryptographic techniques. The proposed protocol requires significantly less bandwidth than the Aziz-Diffie and Beller-Chang-Yacobi protocols, and furthermore, it has lower computational burden and storage requirements on the user side. Additionally, we present an end-to-end mobile user security protocol. The protocol is an improved version of the previous one in terms of security and interoperability. The achievement on the protocol goals and the complete security analysis are also given in this thesis. The proposed protocols overcome the known security flaws in existing private and public key protocols, improve the resiliency and interoperability using carefully selected design methods. The rest of the thesis deals with the fast and efficient implementation of the protocols on different platforms. We first present the performance timings of the field and elliptic curve operations used in the proposed protocols on a Pentium processor. Then, we report a practical software implementation of cryptographic library which supports variable length elliptic curve digital signature algorithm for both signature generation and signature verification. We also present the real-time authenticated call-setup timings for the proposed ECC based protocols. The ECC library with variable key length was successfully implemented in an acceptable code size on a 32-bit ARM microprocessor.
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