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Genetic response to divergent selection for blood cholesterol levels in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

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  • Cholesterol, C₂₇H₄₅OH, as a precursor of steroid hormones, and the genetic implications of a divergent selection program for blood cholesterol levels provided the purpose of this study. The initial selection of Japanese Quail for the development of high and low blood cholesterol lines was from a randomly mated population of Japanese Quail. This study was conducted through four generations of offspring with no external stimuli introduced to any of the lines. After four generations of selection, lines were developed that differed significantly in their respective blood cholesterol levels. Production, fertility, hatch of fertile eggs, mortality and body weight were not found to be significantly different between the high and the low blood cholesterol lines. It was found that cholesterol level was negatively and significantly correlated with body weight. The results of this study indicate that one of the possible uses of blood cholesterol levels would be as one of several traits used in an index selection program for the improvement of a particular line of birds.
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