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Application of Advanced Hybrid Transport Methods for Nonproliferation Test Problems

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  • The implementation of advanced hybrid (Monte Carlo/Deterministic) transport methods for realistic test problems has been a challenge due to the overhead efforts associated with interfacing a solution generated by a deterministic solver with a Monte Carlo based radiation transport code. In this work, with the help of Transpire, Inc., a hybrid methods workbench that consists of a multigroup Monte Carlo code has been developed within the framework of Attila™, a commercial deterministic tool for radiation transport problems. This workbench is used to test two advanced variance reduction techniques, the LIFT method and the VVR method on source-detector type test problems that are of interest for nonproliferation research. Further, the more common weight windows and source biasing based variance reduction techniques are also implemented based on the CADIS methodology. The performance of the hybrid methods has been analyzed on two photon test problems and one neutron test problem, both individually and when applied together. The behavior of the methods for different configurations of the problems have been studied and the limitations of the methods when applied to complex problem has been analyzed. From these observations, the possible research directions to improve the test bench as well as the methods itself are presented.
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