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Managed artificial aquifer recharge and hydrological studies in the Walla Walla Basin to improve river and aquifer conditions

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  • This research project focuses on the Walla Walla River Basin located on the east side of the states of Oregon and Washington, USA. With the support and collaboration of the Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council, this work embraces four research topics. The first topic includes the feasibility study of artificial aquifer recharge in the Walla Walla Basin. Through development and application of a regional hydrological model, a methodology for evaluating locations of artificial aquifer recharge is presented with a test case. The second research topic evaluates the recharge rates observed from pilot test studies of artificial aquifer recharge. Scale dependence of recharge rates should be considered when excessive induced groundwater mounding forms beneath the infiltrating basins. The third topic utilizes groundwater tracers and simulation models to evaluate the hydraulic connection of springs to infiltrating basins of artificial aquifer recharge. Finally, the fourth topic as a proof of a technique, utilizes distributed temperature sensing technology with a pair of black and white coated fiber optic cables to estimate the effective exposure to solar radiation over the Walla Walla River.
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