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A Deterministic Photon and Electron Dosimetry Model for the Lens of the Eye Public Deposited

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  • The lens dose equivalent (LDE) is a regulatory limit set to protect radiation workers. Current methods for estimating the LDE are specific to beam sources in a vacuum and require interpolating data from tables. A new set of deterministic equations for photon and electron point sources has been developed. These equations were developed through Monte Carlo simulations of monoenergetic radioactive sources placed at varying distances from a stylized eye model. These equations account for both distance and air and can also incorporate protective eyewear. The equations are valid for electron energies ranging from 100 keV to 11 MeV and photon energies ranging from 7 keV to 11 MeV. Distances from 0 to 20 m are valid for both photons and electrons. Sources emitting particles over an energy spectrum, such as beta sources, have been incorporated into this new dosimetry model as well. A new scale-independent and unbiased statistical parameter called the Squared Mean Percent Error was developed in order to derive the parameters of each equation. A qualitative method for assessing how well the model fits the data was also developed. The dosimetry model is intended to lay the foundation and provide the framework for future enhancements. The results are expected to be incorporated into the VARSKIN dosimetry code.
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