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Casting Call: A Female Actor's Struggle to Stardom Public Deposited

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  • In the era of #MeToo, we have learned more about the plight of women in Hollywood as they seek employment as actors. While the recent public conversation about gender and sexualization in Hollywood is robust, few peer-reviewed academic articles examine the actor’s personal experiences of gaining meaningful employment in television and/or film: conflicts and resistance to portraying stereotypes, the auditioning process, and potential benefits and sacrifices incurred as a working female actor. This thesis studies the experiences of women actors in finding and being cast in film roles. It utilizes Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” and Objectification Theory as its theoretical underpinnings and analyzes data to identify barriers women actors encounter when seeking employment in the film industry. This thesis includes interviews with women actors who have been cast in film roles in a major motion picture, independent motion picture, or television.
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