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The kinetics of the chlorination of copper in the thin film range

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  • The kinetics of the chlorination of copper in the thin film range at room temperature was studied by using a wiped, rotating cylindrical copper cathode which was partially submerged in an electrolyte. Experiments were conducted at three different partial pressures: 1.00, 0.44 and 0.21 atm. of chlorine gas which was saturated with water vapor. The chlorination of copper was found to follow the logarithmic equation NAT= K ₁ In ( K ₂ t + 1.0 ) where W. is the weight of copper chloride formed per unit area during exposure time t. The constant K1 was found to be independent of the chlorine partial pressure while the constant K₂ was proportional to the square root of the chlorine partial pressure for the two pressure ranges 1.00 and 0.44 atm. The most satisfactory interpretation of the experimental data is the mutually-blocking pores mechanism in which the rate determining step is assumed to be the transport of chlorine across the chloride film through pores and paths of loosely arranged atoms.
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