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  • This thesis contains the first portion of Kingston Beach, a redemptive novel about a horrific event. The book chronicles the aftermath of a tragic plane crash in which Jay and Margot lose two of their three children while vacationing at the beach. Jay is a pediatric heart surgeon already highly successful in his field. However, after this personal loss he turns his professional attention toward championing Donation after Cardiac Death, a new and highly controversial method of obtaining donor hearts for children. Margot is also a physician; she’s spent her career working for hospice. After the loss of her own children, she finds herself unable to work for "a good death," and instead finds herself on an unexpected journey with an old friend who has experienced a similar loss. Inspired by an accident on the Oregon Coast in the summer of 2008, Kingston Beach is a fictional work that stares deeply into every parent’s worst fear, and in the midst of that darkness finds that life is an indistinguishable force.
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