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A factor analysis of professional competencies and local church clergy

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  • The study had four objectives, the major one being the identification of the common professional competencies for adequate performance as a Baptist clergyman. A second objective was to determine the common professional competencies needed by Baptist pastors and ministers of education. The determination if significantly different competencies were required for the pastor and the minister of education was the third objective. The final objective was to formulate recommendations which would be applicable in developing a curriculum for clergy preparation. A 90-item mail-administered questionnaire was developed by a jury panel of experts (six pastors, three laymen, two professors, a minister of education and an associational official). A randomly selected population of 188 respondents, 80 ministers of education and 108 pastors equally distributed between two Baptist church associations, were asked to indicate on a five-point Likert-type scale the level of proficiency necessary for each competency in relation to their ministry. Data were analyzed by using a two-way analysis of variance and factor analytic techniques. Selected Findings The two-way analysis of variance revealed that no significant differences existed between the scores assigned by clergy of the two Baptist church associations to 64 of the 90 competencies and that no significant differences existed between the scores assigned by pastors and ministers of education to 75 of the 90 competencies. No significant interaction existed between associations and types of personnel in 89 of the 90 competencies. An R-technique factor analysis was utilized to identify common professional competencies. A three factor solution generated 68 competencies that had factor loadings of ± .45 or higher. Factors identified were: 1. Factor I, Administration, was a general factor with four subfactors. Sub-factor Ia was named Program Development. Subfactor Ib was named Program Operation. Sub-factor Ic was named Community Relations and Sub-factor Id was named Counseling. 2. Factor II, Leadership, was a general factor with two subfactors. Sub-factor IIa was named Individual Ability and Interpersonal Relations was the name given to Sub-factor lib. 3. Factor III, Management, was a general factor with two subfactors. Sub-factor Ma was named Human Resources and Subfactor Illb was named Financial Resources. Five of the ten highest mean ranked competencies dealt with personal relationships. The highest mean ranked competency was Establish and maintain a meaningful and Biblical relationship with your spouse. The lowest mean ranked competency was Take responsibilities for leadership in civic or community activities. A Q-technique factor analysis revealed a commonality among the respondents to the degree that both pastors and ministers of education could be grouped as clergymen. Recommendations It was recommended that: 1. Baptist clergy recognize the Biblical concept of equipping others for ministry. 2. Baptist clergy become more involved in civic responsibilites. 3. Baptist clergy develop a more balanced ministry including evangelism, preaching, and the training of others for ministry. 4. Clergy preparation could essentially be one program for pastors or ministers of education. 5. Clergy preparation include additional psychology courses to expand self-perception abilities and the establishing of interpersonal relationships. 6. The establishing of a competency based clergy educational program will, of necessity, involve leaders within the local churches. 7. Other church associations with similar theological positions be the subject of further research.
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