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Training Law Enforcement for Marine Resource Management: A Case Study Analysis of Retention and Perception Impacts From an e-Learning Platform Public Deposited

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  • As societies we face many environmental issues that need to be addressed through sound management. Whether in the terrestrial or marine environment, effective management techniques from natural resource management (NRM) agencies must be used continually to address these issues. Law enforcement has been used as one approach and an extension of NRM management in the past. Furthermore, training these law enforcement officers is essential to execution of their duties and NRM at large. This study looks at the training and development of the Oregon State Marine Board’s (OSMB) law enforcement division. The OSMB experimented with an e-Learning platform to train marine deputies at their annual training academy. This study seeks to explore the ways that e-Learning contributed to impacts of the OSMBs hybrid training program. Results showed that no significant differences in overall test performance were found. There were significant differences, however, when looking at questions on a topic-by-topic basis. Beyond test performance, interviews of officers and other training facilitators identified perceptions of e-Learning impacts that could be considered as key elements of training for marine deputies in the state of Oregon. Results will ultimately help inform the OSMB, instructors, and future marine deputies as to the best practices related to training law enforcement for the marine environment. Well-trained officers can better work towards addressing the concerns that NRM agencies face.
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