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Evaluation of gastrointestinal transit time and novel oral acetaminophen product formulation

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  • Gastrointestinal (GI) transit data were collected using pigs as animal models. Density and size effects of non-disintegrating dosage forms on GI transit were investigated. Total GI transit times range from 2 to 33 days for 22 administrations of these nondisintegrating dosage forms. Pigs are found to not be an appropriate animal model for studying bioavailability or GI transit of non-disintegrating, non-erodible oral release dosage forms. Development of controlled release dosage forms where the mechanism of drug release is diffusion through polymeric membrane formed via film coating utilizing fluid-bed technology requires optimization of several processing and formulation variables. The influence of a processing variable (nozzle orifice opening) and a few formulation variables (individual vs. combination plasticizer, or a water-insoluble additive) on dissolution of a model drug (acetaminophen) spray coated with Aquacoat® were studied. Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic information for a model drug (acetaminophen) and computer simulation were used to develop a dosage form with a 12 hour sustained release for oral administration to children and adults for maximum analgesic and antipyretic effect. Simulated plasma acetaminophen concentration-time curves were similar to observed bioavailability study profiles. In vitro and preliminary in vivo results from an adult human volunteer indicate that sustained therapeutic saliva acetaminophen concentration is possible using the newly developed acetaminophen molded tablet dosage form. The bioavailability of the new, oral controlled release acetaminophen molded tablet relative to a commercially available product (Extra-Strength Tylenol® caplet) was evaluated in 8 healthy, adult volunteers. Multiple doses of these two products were administered in a two-way cross-over design. Bioavailability of the new sustained release molded tablet is comparable to that of the immediate release product. Polymer coated acetaminophen beads were effective in maintaining saliva acetaminophen concentrations of 5 μ/ml over a 12 hour dosing interval.
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