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  • This collection of poems and essays is about the folklore of family and the shadowy imprint family myth can leave on its members. At the center of the argument is a struggle about coming to terms with these shadows from a speaker trying to find a sense of a self under the heavy weight of mistakes and uncertainty. What is being challenged here is the art of acceptance, how freedom is available not to those who fight, but to those who choose to see that the self they are seeking lies within the very thing they had always fought against. Elements play a heavy role throughout, sometimes creating a sense of earthy gravity in an otherwise fickle and airy universe. The organization of the elements also incorporates a sense of denial or an inability to connect with the qualities symbolized within the elements. The themes of free will and fate are brought forward and questioned; what the speaker chooses to do with these possibilities is left out in the open, as something that can be read in the traces of one’s breath as it crystallizes in the air.
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