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Site specific reference person parameters and derived concentration standards for the Savannah River site

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  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Order 458.1 states that the compliance with the DOE annual dose limit of 1 mSv (100 mrem) to a member of the public may be demonstrated by calculating dose to the maximally exposed individual (MEI) or to a representative person. Historically, the MEI concept was used for dose compliance at the Savannah River Site (SRS) using adult dose coefficients and adult male usage parameters. In the future, SRS plans to use the representative person concept for dose compliance to members of the public. The representative person dose will be based on the reference person dose coefficients from the DOE Derived Concentration Technical Standard (DOE-STD-1196-2011) and on usage parameters (at the 95th percentile of national and regional data) specific to SRS for the reference person. Usage parameters in the 50th percentile will be used in calculating dose to the "typical" person for determining collective doses. Usage parameters were determined for the following pathways: inhalation, ingestion of water, meat, produce, grains, freshwater fish, saltwater invertebrates, and dairy. External exposures from submersion in air and water and from ground shine also are included in the respective dose coefficients. The reference intake for air, water, meat, dairy, freshwater fish, saltwater invertebrates, produce (fruits and vegetables), and grains for the 95th percentile are 17.4 m³ /day, 2.19 L/day, 220.6 g/day, 674 cm³/day, 66.4 g/day, 23.0 g/day, 633.4 g/day (448.5 g/day and 631.7 g/day) and 251.3 g/day respectively. For the 50th percentile: 13.4 m³/day, 0.809 L/day, 86.4 g/day, 187 cm³/day, 8.97 g/day, 3.04 g/day, 169.5 g/day (45.9 g/day and 145.6 g/day), 101.3 g/day respectively. The parameters for the representative person also were used to calculate and tabulate SRS-specific derived concentration standards (DCSs) for the pathways not included in DOE-STD-1196-2011. DCSs are concentrations of a radionuclide in a given medium that, if consumed, inhaled or externally exposed to over the course of a year, results in a dose of 1 mSv (100 mrem).
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