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Exploring Latinx Transfer Students' Experiences at a 4-Year University Public Deposited

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  • The number of Latinx students enrolling in higher education has grown significantly over the past two decades (Jabbar et al., 2019). This study explores a portion of that population by focusing on the experiences of Latinx transfer students at a 4-year institution within the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I explored the experiences of Latinx transfer students interacting with faculty, academic advisors, and student peers, and whether and how these interactions affect students’ academic success. To address this central research question, I employed a qualitative approach, using face-to-face semi-structured interviews. The results of this study demonstrate the need to consider all aspects of campus life as interconnected areas in which representation and cultural competency matter, as, Latinx transfer students want all facets of campus to be inclusive of their multiple identities in a way that also address issues of belonging and cultural/ethno-racial representation.
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