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  • These essays are an attempt to rebuild memories that explore the nature of work and family. They explore how work knocks against the joints of the body and against the joints between family members, and, as time passes, how the next generation inherits the family line of work only to strain against family tradition. How does work ebb and flow through our lives? When does work become an artist's passion? How does the family at work mark the same child, individual, and adult with a kind of debris called memory? These essays explore the tension between our desires and our choices, and how the two struggle to connect. These essays also want to test the strains on the tensions between art and craft; between work and education; and between apprenticeship and formal education. Headwater is also about time passing, what we do with our time. At the core of this writing is an appreciation for how the skilled hand translates work into gifts of time, and gifts of time translate into art, so that these memories, ultimately, are not the past.
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