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Charging Analysis of Ground Support Vehicles in an Electrified Airport Public Deposited

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  • While electrification is currently one of the largest trends in the automotive world, other related industries are also evaluating electrification opportunities as a means to reduce environmental impact, emissions, and noise pollution. One such sector is the aviation industry. While it is generally accepted that all-electric aircraft are not a realization in the most immediate future, there are still large sections of the airport that can undergo electrification. The quickest path to an electrified airport is starting with the ground support vehicles. To accomplish the goal of eliminating traditional fossil fuel vehicles, two key criteria must be met: intelligent scheduling and efficient charging. This Thesis seeks to accomplish both by first proposing a scheduling scheme that can help an electrified airport choose which vehicles are required while at the same time intelligently charging unused vehicles. Second, we perform a component level analysis on a purpose built off-board vehicle charger designed for use on ground support vehicles in an electrified airport.
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