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Feeling through Language: Tracing Affect in Gendered Language Public Deposited

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  • This study looks at how gendered language circulates affect in order to coerce gender binary conformity. I analyze the ways gendered phrases like “sit like a lady”, “don’t be a bitch”, and “man up” communicate binary gender expectations within a U.S. context, and what they have to do with larger social feelings of inclusion, belonging and community, and ultimately how they intersect with other systems of oppression like racism, ableism, misogyny, compulsory heterosexuality, and cissexism. After conducting 10 interviews and collecting over 100 online survey responses, I use critical discourse analysis on the collected texts to demonstrate how this circulation of feelings through language happens. I draw from critical race theorists, women of color feminisms and sociolinguistics to inform my analysis and primarily use Sara Ahmed’s discussion of affect as socially produced and circulatory as a basis for the connections between language, affect and belonging.
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