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Design and Development of a Salticid Inspired Jumping Robot

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  • The ability to jump allows small robots to traverse rough terrain, clear large obstacles, and quickly reach elevated locations. These abilities have applications in a variety of areas such as, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, and urban warfare. The primary focus in current state-of-the-art jumping robots has been on jumping as high or far as possible, with little focus on how to change the prelaunch dynamics to accomplish different trajectories. This lack of variety limits the utility of jumping robots by reducing their effective workspace. To solve this problem, we explored the jumping behavior of the Salticid family of jumping spiders. Salticid spiders are able to change their leg geometry and use their front legs to channel jump energy into a vaulting motion. Vaulting allows the spider to achieve alter trajectories than are possible by extension of the rear legs alone. We mapped the spiders jumping mechanism onto a four-bar linkage to develop a model for the spiders jumping mechanics.This model is then used to develop a robot that is able to effectively mimic the spider's jumping behavior.
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