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Improving Water, Sanitation and Biogas Access in Resource-Stressed Environments : Methodologies and Case Study Analyses of the Primary Resources at Matema Beach High School Public Deposited

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  • Education as a right has taken off internationally with expanded national policies in recent years. Across Africa over 80% of countries have abolished tuition fees for primary education and several have made the leap to free secondary education as well. With decreased financial barriers keeping kids out of the classroom, several countries have seen dramatic rises in enrollment levels. This rise creates a new challenges of providing resources to these growing student populations. To provide students with a safe and healthy academic environment requires the provision and sustainable management of water, sanitation and energy resources. This thesis presents three transferable methodologies for analyzing community-level resource development and management. These tools can better enable development practitioners and communities to both sustain current and plan for future water, sanitation and energy infrastructure. Each method is applied to a case study at Matema Beach High School, a rural Tanzania secondary school. The analyses performed follow each method to demonstrate its usability and to develop resource sustainability plans for the school’s administration. The tools created are aimed at rural development practitioners of varied backgrounds and as such are easy-to-follow and require minimal supporting resources to be used in the field. Overall these methodologies are condensed, accessible resources that enable professionals and communities to develop and sustain their own water distribution, septic system and biogas development projects.
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