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Assessing and evaluating the energy and angular dependence of the Self-indicating Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter (SIRAD)

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  • The Self-indicating Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeter, SIRAD™, manufactured by JP Labs*, is a dosimeter that can be used by emergency response persoimel. It is a user-friendly, inexpensive, and disposable radiation dosimeter. It monitors high doses, 5-200 rads, of ionizing radiation. The card resembles the size of a credit card and is always active and ready to use. It can be worn around the neck like an ID badge, or even placed in one's wallet. When the dosimeter is exposed to radiation there is a permanent color change on the chemical sensing strip. This color change is cumulative and proportional to dose. The individual will be able to immediately self-assess any dose to which they might be subjected. SIRAD is designed to provide the wearer and medical professionals instant, easy, and accurate on the radiation exposure of the victim. This will help assess the health risks and guide in the treatment of the victim. An evaluation of the cards to their response to gamma exposures between 2.5 and 125 rads was conducted. Cs-137, Ra-226, and Co-60 gamma sources were used to measure this response. Angular dependence of the badges was also measured using the Cs-137 and Ra-226 sources. The badges were read and evaluated using a commercially available flatbed scanner and Adobe Photoshop 7.O® software. The device can also be read by personnel by using the color reference charts already built into the device. Six doses; 2.5 rads, 5 rads, 7.5 rads, 10 rads, 40 rads, and 125 rads, were tested. The results yielded a possibility of energy dependence but no angular dependence for the Cs- 137 cards at a 150 angle and for the Ra-226 cards at a 45°.
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