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3D cone beam reconstruction formulas for the transverse-ray transform with source points on a curve

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  • 3D vector tomography has been explored and results have been achieved in the last few decades. Among these was a reconstruction formula for the solenoidal part of a vector field from its Doppler transform with sources on a curve. The Doppler transform of a vector field is the line integral of the component parallel to the line. In this work, we shall study the transverse ray transform of a vector field, which instead integrates over lines the component of the vector field perpendicular to the line. We provide a reconstruction procedure for the transverse ray transform of a vector field with sources on a curve fulfilling Tuy’s condition of order 3. We shall recover both the potential and solenoidal parts. We present two steps for the reconstruction. The first one is to reconstruct the solenoidal part and the techniques we use are inspired by work of Katsevich and Schuster. A procedure for recovering the potential part will be the second step. The main ingredient is the difference between the measured data and the reprojection of the solenoidal part. We also provide a variation of the Radon inversion formula for the vector part of a quaternionic-valued function (or vector field) and an inversion formula in cone-beam setting with sources on the sphere.
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