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Innovative Coaching in Intercollegiate Athletics : Advocating for Cultural Responsiveness Public Deposited

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  • It has been established that intercollegiate sport is an important social institution for student athletes of color in the United States (Coakley, 2012). White intercollegiate coaches have a prominent influence on the academic, athletic, social and emotional development of student athletes and therefore must be tuned into variation in cultural differences. To develop more innovative white coaches of student athletes of color, a theoretical perspective of conflict theory, ecological system theory and whiteness is used to provide insight into greater context as to how the achievement gap became and the development of white identity. Furthermore, the Intercultural Competence Model (Deardorff, 2009) and a culturally responsive coaching model will be examined and applied to develop guidelines that may help develop more culturally responsive coaches and better establish meaning communication between student athlete and coach. Also proposed is a series of policy recommendations that institutional, cultural, personal and interpersonal features aimed at enhancing cultural competency of white coaches. Both models and policy recommendations require future testing and evaluation in order to judge their efficacy and potential.
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