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Development of bacteriophage inhibitory bulk starter medium for the cultivation of thermophilic lactic acid bacteria

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  • Internally-pH-controlled, phosphate containing and non-phosphate containing Italian bulk starter media were compared to reconstituted nonfat dry milk and commercial bulk starter media for their ability to support the growth and activities of commercially frozen thermophilic lactic acid cultures. Cultures grown in internally-pH-controlled media demonstrated superior acid-production capability. The cheese made from cultures grown in internally-pH-controlled media was comparable to that made from the culture grown in commercial medium. However, the internally-pH-controlled media were not bacteriophage inhibitory, nor were the reconstituted nonfat dry milk or two of the three commercial bulk starter media. Hence, cheese whey and nonfat milk based, low solids, bacteriophage inhibitory bulk starter media were formulated for the cultivation of mixed cultures of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. The new media supported the growth of lactobacilli better than the commercial media. Even at low solids levels, the buffering capacities of the new media were comparable to commercial media. Late addition of magnesium hydroxide as a neutralizing agent to commercial as well as experimental bulk starter media resulted in increased growth and improved activities of rod-coccus cultures. The cultures also retained their activities longer under refrigerated storage. Late addition of magnesium hydroxide did not encourage the proliferation of bacteriophages in the growth media.
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