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A contrast of the level of importance of selected computer competencies between the computer specialists and the elementary teachers

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  • The purpose of this study was to determine if differences existed between computer specialists and computer-using teachers on the perceived level of importance of selected computer competencies for elementary teachers. The sample consisted of 102 computer specialists and 111 computer-using teachers in public elementary schools of Oregon. Data were gathered using a 24-item computer competency questionnaire validated by a Delphi panel. The instrument's reliability was 0.89. Analysis of variance and descriptive statistics were used in the analysis of data and presentation of results. Of the 24 computer competencies, 15 were rated of great importance and nine (9) of moderate importance by specialists; ten (10) were rated of great importance and 14 of moderate importance by teachers. The results suggested that computer specialists perceived computer competencies in (a) educational applications, (b) software, (c) implementation, and (d) information resources of greater importance for elementary teachers than (a) general applications, (b) future trends, and (c) computers in society. Teachers tend to perceive computer competencies in (a) educational applications and (b) software of greater importance for themselves than (a) implementation, (b) information resources, (c) general applications, (d) future trends, and (e) computers in society. Non-agreement between computer specialists and teachers was found predominantly in (a) educational applications, (b) implementation, (c) future trends, and (d) computers in society while agreement was predominantly in (a) software, (b) information resources, and (c) general applications competencies.
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