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Cambial divisions in Pseudotsuga menziesii

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  • Mitotic activity in the vascular cambium was determined from ten samples from a single internode in each of four Douglas-fir [(Pseudotsuga menziesii (Franco.) Mirb.)]trees. Counts of interphase and mitotic nuclei from nine cores in each sample piece were averaged and expressed as the frequency and mitotic index. The sampling error was determined for the average mitotic index per sample and the internode as a whole. Significant differences were found in the frequency of division among samples from each of the four trees, and between mitotic indexes in two of the trees. Significant correlations were established between number of nuclei and frequency of division within the internodes. Variations in the mitotic indexes among samples could not be accounted for by the relationship between nuclei and divisions per core, but may be due to non-homogeneous cambial populations in terms of mitotic activity.
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