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Selected Oregon student, parent, and teacher perceptions of the factors that influenced eleventh grade students' readiness to make career choices

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  • Oregon educational reform efforts are moving ahead with the support of legislation, business and industry, and education. There has been little apparent consideration given to the readiness of tenth graders to make career choices even though the research in the area of career maturity indicates that students at this period in their career development are not prepared to make mature career choices. This study examined the perceptions of selected eleventh graders, parents, and teachers of the factors that influenced the students' readiness to make their career choices. The perceived factors found by each participant included: experience and information, interest in the career area, and personal values. Students and parents identified the need for personal satisfaction. Students and teachers identified skills and abilities. Students, solely, identified the importance of parental support as a factor in their readiness. The factors were comparable to those found in current literature on career maturity and career choice. However, the emphasis placed on certain factors was in contrast to the literature. Participants emphasized the importance of work experience in the area of career choice. Students did not find value in career education classes. They wanted career experiences to provide individualized career information. Each student discussed television as a means of obtaining career-related information. Students stressed the essential nature of positive parental support. This study showed a strong connection between the self-described self-concept of the student, perception of parental support, and career choice readiness. The participants believed that the students were ready to make individual career choices. However, this readiness was presented within the boundaries that students be allowed the flexibility to change their minds at any point in the process, without penalty. Further research was indicated in relation to: the importance of television as a means of obtaining career-related information; the link between self-concept, perception of parental support, and career choice; and the need to examine current approaches to career development and guidance practices in light of educational reform mandates.
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