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A comparative study of certain aspects of personal adjustment of military dependent and civilian students

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  • The purpose of this study was to compare military dependent and civilian students with respect to academic aptitude and the number of problems they perceive in several areas of their personal lives. It also included a survey of participation in extracurricular activities in school and in activity participation in their respective communities. Sex comparisons were also analyzed for differences within and between the military dependent and civilian student groups. The following specific null hypotheses were tested: Hypothesis 1. There are no differences in aptitude for scholastic achievement between civilian and military adolescents. Hypothesis 2. There is no relation between civilian and military classification and the number of personal problems reported by adolescents. The subjects were 209 students enrolled in Grade 10 at Glasgow High School, Glasgow, Montana during the school year 1967-68. The final groups consisted of 177 students tested for academic aptitude and 199 were investigated for self-perceived problems. A total of 207 students were surveyed for extracurricular participation. In order to test Hypothesis 1, the analysis of variance and discriminate score analysis were applied to the scores of military dependent and civilian students on the Differential Aptitude Test. This test consists of eight subscales: 1) verbal reasoning, 2) numerical ability, 3) abstract reasoning, 4) clerical speed and accuracy, 5) mechanical reasoning, 6) space relations, 7) spelling and 8) grammar. The results of these analyses indicated that the null hypothesis could be rejected for the male-female comparison by the analysis of variance. This was caused primarily by the extremes of the mean scores of the military females who were highest in clerical speed and accuracy, spelling and grammar subscales and lowest in the mechanical reasoning subscale. The results of the discriminate score analysis indicated that the greatest clustering for self-group was found for the military females and the least self-clustering existed for civilian females. These findings indicated a higher degree of sex differentiation between male and female military dependent students than that exhibited by their civilian counterparts. To test Hypothesis 2, X² analysis was applied to the various tabulations of data of the Mooney Problems Check List, High School Form, which is divided into eleven subscales: 1) health and physical development, 2) finances, living, 3) courtship-sex and marriage, 4) social recreational, 5) social psychological, 6) personal psychological, 7) morals and religion, 8) home and family, 9) future, vocational, 10) adjustment to school work and 11) curriculum and teacher procedures. The results of the X² analyses indicated rejection of Hypothesis 2 for the social recreational subscale of the MPCL. The courtship-sex and marriage subscale indicated rejection for females only, which was further supported by the X² values found in comparing the military and civilian females. Upon further examination, the significance of the home and family subscale was found to be related to male-female differences. Results of the survey of participation in extracurricular activities showed that civilian females had the highest participation in school activities. Civilian females and military males had the highest participation in community activities. Military students in general exhibited a very low rate of participation in school activities. The possible reasons for these results were discussed. Also included were sections discussing the value of this study, limitations and suggestions for further research.
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