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Faculty involvement in policy formulation in three selected public community colleges of Oregon

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  • Purpose of the Study The basic purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes and opinions of community college personnel toward faculty involvement in policy formulation. Procedures The statistical and subjective data for this study were obtained from two major sources. (1) A statistical questionnaire was developed to identify and obtain the present faculty involvement and the "desired" faculty involvement in policy formulation in three selected public community colleges of Oregon and was distributed to community college administrators and full-time teaching faculty, and (2) A personal on-campus visitation and interview was conducted by the writer with each respondent to obtain additional subjective data pertaining to faculty involvement. Findings Statistical data indicated that within the present community college organizational structure, faculty do have opportunity to be involved in and to become more involved in policy formulation. Subjective data supported the statistical findings and also revealed that faculty are in the process of changing from their "traditional" no-involvement role to one of becoming increasingly more active in community college governance. Recommendations The study recommends that changes be made in the internal organizational pattern of community college operations if faculty are to be further involved and are to realize their potential in more meaningful policy formulation. The community college is on the ''cutting edge" of education and because of this, must help to modify or change the "traditional" beliefs in education that have tended to hinder and to slow down the progress of and to cloud over the creative thoughts and deeds of educational personnel. Changing the dated customary practices indicates progress and increases its effectiveness as an institution.
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