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A Global Trend of Child trafficking Among Girls Experiencing Violence and Neglect in the Yorùbá Ethnic group in Nigeria: A Transnational Feminist Approach Public Deposited

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  • The trafficking of children is one of the gravest violations of human rights globally today. Every year, hundreds of thousands of girl child are smuggled across borders and sold as mere commodities. There are minimal scholarly works focusing on the girl child and analyzing it from the global trends among children experiencing violence and neglect in Nigeria. This paper explores the existing research which often relate this modern form of slavery to poverty not realizing the extreme vulnerability of the victims which seems to exit within the family unit through experiencing domestic violence and neglect. This paper include trafficked survivors for sex paths and applies transnational feminist perspectives to explore their experiences, domestic violence impact. The paper suggests possible ways to combat violence and neglect in the home among Yorùbá ethnic communities and further suggest solutions to eradicate the universal plague which is not only physical, but obtrude on the emotional, mental and affective domain of the survivors and possible preventive measure to combat Girl Child trafficking in Nigeria, using transnational feminist perspectives.
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