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Making Sense of Co-Mentoring Relationships: Peer Mentor Perspectives Public Deposited

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  • This mixed methods qualitative thesis examined the relationships between co-mentors in the Faculty Student Mentor Program at Oregon State University through the reported experiences/perceptions of peer mentors. The researcher gathered information for this study utilizing data from two focus groups, a survey of peer mentors, and a review of relevant literature. The data analysis yielded three themes surrounding the experiences of peer mentors in this co-mentoring program; (a) power dynamics, (b) mentoring structures, and (c) peer mentor perspectives. As mentoring programs continue to expand and evolve within the realm of higher education, the findings provided by this study will hopefully encourage institutions to break the traditional mold of one-on-one faculty mentor programs and embrace new mentoring practices that utilize the expertise of faculty, students and staff in collaboration with one another. In addition, this study provides researchers with new knowledge surrounding the relationships of co-mentors within a formal mentoring program that will hopefully spark future research that examines the relationships of co-mentors from varying perspectives. Keywords: co-mentor, peer mentor, faculty mentor
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