Digitally assisted control techniques for high performance switching DC-DC converters Public Deposited


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  • Digitally controlled switching DC-DC converters have recently emerged as an attractive alternative to conventional switching converters based on analog control techniques. This research focuses on eliminating the issues associated with the state of the art switching converters by proposing three novel control techniques: (1) a digitally controlled Buck-Boost converter uses a fully synthesized constant ON/OFF time-based fractional-N controller to regulate the output over a 3.3V-to-5.5V input voltage range and provides seamless transition from buck to buck-boost modes (2) a hysteretic buck converter that employs a highly digital hybrid voltage/current mode control to regulate output voltage and switching frequency independently (3) a 10MHz continuous time PID controller using time based signal processing which alleviates the speed limitations associated with conventional analog and digital. All the three techniques employ digitally assisted control techniques and require no external compensation thus making the controllers fully integrated and highly cost effective.
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