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Survival Mediated Capture and Fusion Cross Sections for Heavy Element Synthesis Public Deposited

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  • The synthesis of superheavy element evaporation residues is described by the product of the capture cross section, fusion probability, and survival probability. Capture cross sections are moderately well known. The fusion probability is the least known with many uncertainties. The formalism for the survival probability is known, but the parameters in the formalism have uncertainties as well. When the survival probability is small, the capture and fusion terms will be limited. In this paper we study the impact of survival probability upon the evaporation residue cross section, the capture cross section, and the fusion probability. By using the Bass model, coupled-channel calculations, and Zagrebaev's formalism for survival probability, we are able to determine the partial capture and survival cross sections as a function of spin for 285 reactions. While the mean spin of the capture cross sections generally increase with excitation energy, the mean spin of the survival cross sections remain about 5 or 6 hbar. We also deduce PCN for a series of 1n channel cold fusion reactions, whose PCN are < 1, and compare with the theory.
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