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Computing Substation Fragility as a Function of Seismic Component Failure Public Deposited

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  • The electrical grid of the Western Interconnection is vulnerable to earthquake damage, especially large-magnitude megathrust events, due to the unique seismic profile of the region. However, the size of the Western Interconnection makes it difficult to model seismic failure in electrical substations to the level of detail necessary to improve existing protection. Hazus data, which represents the failure methods used on the national level, uses a calculation of failed components as a proportion of total. This is useful for repairs but can be misleading when analyzing power capacity, as it does not take into account component-level redundancy and configuration variations between substations. This research creates code which translates component-level fragility data sourced from local utilities into failure curves for a variety of common substation configurations. Two forms of analysis are then performed. Power capacity failure analysis works with power flow simulations to determine if the substation can continue to function during an event. The component failure methodology uses the same logic as existing Hazus data to directly compare the code's component-based failure against the current standard. Further work has been done to allow for component-based failure to be directly implemented into existing code for work currently being done at OSU. This report will cover up to the current state of the code and discuss limitations and next steps. As this is mainly intended as an intermediary function for use in larger systems, the output is mainly being assessed for accuracy and ease of use. As it currently stands, both the standalone and integrated versions of the code are fully workable and can translate any given component failure data into substation level fragility reports.
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