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A comparison of soil microfungi in forest stands of Red Alder, Conifer, and Alder-Conifer mixtures

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  • The species composition of soil microfungal populations in-adjacent stands of red alder, conifers, and mixed alder conifer correlated strongly with the dominant vascular vegetation. A total of 92 species were isolated: 55 from the alder stand; 45 from the conifers; and 46 from the mixed alder-conifer, with few species (16, 7, and 5 in the three plots, respectively) reaching average frequencies of 50% or higher. Penicillium nigricans, Aureobasidium pullulans, Cephalosporium curtipes, and Cladosporium herbarum were present with high frequency at all sites. There was little difference in species composition among soil horizons within a stand. Fungi which were dominant in one layer were dominant in the others. Three isolation techniques: dilution plates, soil plates, and immersion tubes, did not yield significant differences in species composition. In all three stands, numbers of species were greatest in February and lowest in June, following seasonal maxima and minima of soil moisture.
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