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A comparison of student attitudes & learning in interdisciplinary approaches in selected Oregon occupational clusters

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  • Purpose The purpose of this study was to make a comparative analysis of student attitudes and learning in relation to the selected academic subject of English when it is applied to certain Oregon occupational clusters. The occupational clusters selected were agriculture, electricity-electronics, industrial mechanics, and stenographersecretarial occupations. Method The comparisons made were centered around the three key questions (1) "How do you feel about having English taught as a part of the occupational subject?" (2) How much do you think you learn when English is taught as part of the occupational subject?" (3) "How easy or difficult do you think English is when taught as a part of the occupational subject?" Findings The findings of this study revealed that the students in the experimental group indicated that (1) they responded positively as to how they felt about interdisciplinary English. (2) they did not respond in a significantly positive manner as to how much they learned from interdisciplinary English. (3) they responded positively as to the difficulty or ease of interdisciplinary English. This study also indicated that the students had a high performance in vocabulary skills when the vocabulary words were related to an occupational area they were studying. The students also indicated that both English and the occupational courses were effective in preparing them for a career.
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