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The infrared and far-infrared spectra of sublimed films of formaldehyde

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  • The infrared spectra of liquid and solid films of formaldehyde were taken over the range of 35 to 4,000 cm⁻¹ using Beckman IR 7 and IR 11 spectrometers. A new overtone band and a new combination band were found as well as three fundamental peaks due to lattice vibrations and several peaks arising from combinations of internal and external modes of vibration. The peak at 180-195 cm⁻¹ is very strong and appears to be due to libration of the formaldehyde molecule about the principal axes perpendicular to the axis of the carbon-oxygen bond. The considerably weaker peaks appearing at 60 and 100 cm⁻¹ probably are due to rotation about the axis of the carbon-oxygen bond and to translation. The spectrum obtained in the near infrared region is essentially the same as the spectrum reported by Harvey and Ogilvie. The frequency shifts of the peaks for different states of condensation indicate that hydrogen bonding does not occur in the liquid or solid and that the intermolecular binding forces are due largely to dipole-dipole interactions.
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