Shocks and Awe : Damping Selection in Racecars to Maximize Grip Public Deposited


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  • This thesis covers the use of a quarter car model to select damping rates for aFormula Student (FS) car, focusing on minimizing vertical tire force variation to improvegrip. A 2 degree of freedom (DOF) quarter car model is cycled over the road frequenciesof interest and the results compared with the 2 DOF optimum damping proposed by inreferences [1, 2, 3].Using the Global Formula Racing (GFR) 2011 FS combustion vehicle, four differentdamper configurations are evaluated on FS style courses. Strain gauges on the suspensionlinks are used measure all six tire forces and moments, compare between setups, andevaluate the relationship between vertical load variation and in-plane grip. Finally, theresults of the simulation and physical tests are compared and the validity and utility ofthe 2 DOF quarter car model is assessed. Three standardized test tracks are utilized aswell an artificial bump similar to that studied in reference [4].
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