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A Multi-Objective Approach for Producibility of a Formula SAE Chassis System Public Deposited

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  • The competitiveness level of Formula Student is consistently increasing. Teams must allocate resources to develop new innovative designs to gain a competitive edge. Managing team resources effectively is critical to a team’s success. Reducing the resources required to manufacture specific components can be used to allocate resources to other beneficial projects. This can be achieved by focusing on producibility during the vehicle design. In this paper, a definition of producibility and manufacturability is discussed, as well as metrics and methodologies that can be implemented to a Formula SAE vehicle. Based on team goals and design requirements, specific metrics and methodologies are then applied to a Formula SAE chassis design over two years. Five areas for producibility improvement were identified in the chassis system design, and new designs and processes were implemented. The impact of the producibility methodologies on the chosen metrics is presented.
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  • 2018-03-02 to 2021-03-02



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