Large–Scale Laboratory Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Tsunami Forces on a Bridge Deck Public Deposited


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  • The fluid impact forces on a bridge superstructure in horizontal and vertical directions due to tsunamis represented by solitary waves are investigated through a large-scale laboratory experiment and numerical simulations. The experiment is conducted in a two-dimensional wave basin using a 1:5 scaled reinforced concrete bridge deck model tested under shallow water waves of two water depths. The experiment measured fluid impact forces and pressures on the model bridge deck. An analysis of the experimental data reveals two types of fluid forces: a high-frequency impulsive slamming force, and a lower frequency quasi-static force. By applying wavelet transformation, these two types of the forces are clearly identified and extracted from the original time histories. These results have important implications for the design of coastal bridges. Numerical simulations are performed using the wave conditions specified in the laboratory experiment. Additionally, a numerical parametric study is conducted to determine the effect of variations in bridge elevation and wave height on the magnitude of the tsunami force.
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