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Evaluating Industrialization Rate in Construction: A Quantification Model Public Deposited

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  • The concept of construction industrialization, first raised in the 1960s, refers to the transfer of on-site construction work to an off-site factory to improve quality and reduce cost, time, and safety issues. In some countries, industrialization of construction projects is highly recommended and promoted by governments and local construction institutions to minimize waste and pollution. The industrialization rate in construction is an important factor that is widely accepted to evaluate the level of industrialization in the industry. It is believed that construction industrialization rate (CIR) is associated with construction performance in terms of cost, schedule, safety, quality, and other measures. The construction industry currently utilizes volume of concrete use to evaluate the CIR, which is not necessarily accurate and convincible. No other formal method or model is available to objectively calculate the rate of construction industrialization. The author sets this knowledge gap as the point of departure and aims to develop a formal model for quantifying the CIR value of projects. To combine all of the units associated with the various construction operations and resources on a project, the researcher utilizes energy expenditure as a means for determining the percentages of human work and machine work. All activities and tasks could be measured with energy expenditure; energy is the most commonly-used unit that could be applied to all construction tasks, including both worker activities and machine activities. The researcher evaluates energy expenditure by quantifying all construction tasks and the associated energy expenditures for both on-site and off-site construction to record the amount of energy expended by machines and by laborers. During the model creation and validation process, the author utilized quantification, literature reviews, surveys, site observations, video comparisons, and cross-reference spreadsheets as the research methods. By applying the model to sample case projects, the author confirmed the feasibility of applying the model, and was able to find and solve issues and defects during application. The findings from the research provide evidence and statistical measures to calculate the CIR, and provide project owners/developers and construction contractors with a quantitative means to evaluate and market their projects based on the extent of industrialization used to construct the projects.
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