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Tree Species Selection Across Municipalities in the Pacific Northwest Public Deposited

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  • There are many benefits provided by trees in urban areas. While there are many recommendations on maximizing the returns from urban trees, there has been little research examining how these managers are prioritizing their tree species selection. A survey instrument was constructed to survey Tree City USA designated cities across the Pacific Northwest. Two components of this survey instrument were analyzed in greater detail and are presented in manuscript format. The first manuscript focuses on how International Society of Arboriculture certification and municipality size influence tree species selection criteria. These were analyzed using Mann-Whitney U tests. The second manuscript focused on which tree species that the managers are planting and how current research is being operationalized across these municipalities. It was determined that both ISA Certified Arborists@ and large municipalities are more likely to consider existing tree species diversity to be important. ISA Certified Arborists@ are also less likely to plant native tree species than those that are not certified. However, ten municipalities reported planting ash among their top five most commonly planted tree species in 2016. Other municipalities are also planting tree species that are a cause for concern. There is ample room for increasing educational opportunities and regional cooperation.
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