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Zonal Resource Adequacy for Voltage Control Public Deposited

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  • In a power system, operators maintain voltage stability through adequate reactive reserves. Maintaining and accessing an efficient allocation of reactive reserves is prohibitively complex because of reactive line losses, the variety of reactive resources, and either limited or variable reactive outputs from renewable sources. By clustering the system into smaller Voltage Control Areas (VCAs) operators can analyze the reactive power distribution and identify zones needing reactive support. This thesis proposes a VCA analysis framework with three reserve metrics (conventional, effective, and voltage-collapse reserves) and a VQ margin to gain additional insight. In addition to finer detail on reserves and zone stability, this framework also provides operational information on critical buses and contingencies for each zone. Voltage stability is also a concern in the interaction between distribution and transmission systems. Proposed research looks to aid distribution level voltage stability with reactive resources from well-clustered VCAs.
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