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α-tocopherol is specifically delivered to human skin : studies using deuterium-labeled α-tocopherol

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  • The relative enrichment of skin sebaceous gland lipids with deuterium-labeled α-tocopherol was compared with plasma enrichment to evaluate the delivery of vitamin E to skin. For the first week of this study, each subject consumed a daily dose of deuterated vitamin E (150 mg of an equimolar mixture of RRR-α-[5-(C²H₃)]-(d₃) and all rac-α-[5,7-(C²H₃)₂]-(d₆) tocopheryl acetates) with breakfast. Blood was drawn and skin lipids were collected daily for two weeks, then every other day for the following two weeks. Labeled and unlabeled vitamin E analysis was carried out using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Skin cholesterol, plasma cholesterol and triglycerides were measured to evaluate changes in vitamin E levels relative to lipid content. While d₃ and d₆-α-tocopherols were found in plasma 24 h after the first dose, d₃-α-tocopherol was only detected in the skin sebaceous gland secretions after 1 week of supplementation. This data suggests a skin-mediated delivery system for vitamin E into skin lipid secretions. This finding is also supported by the observation that the ratio of α-to γ-tocopherol was greater in the skin than in the plasma.
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