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Particle image velocimetry studies of low Reynolds number flow in branching flow networks

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  • A particle image velocimetry system was established to determine flow fields in low Reynolds number flows through a branching flow network. Due to the fabrication procedure of the test device, flows were limited to a Reynolds number of 1.5 in the largest channel. Data was acquired at each channel inlet, midstream down the channel, at the channel exit, and at the bifurcation. Velocity magnitudes and vorticity are presented as profiles and as contour plots. Experimental results agree very well with three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics results and fully developed analytical solutions, except for situations encountering developing flow, flow through tapered channels, and flow at a channel exit. Discrepancies in experimental and computational results for the latter two flow conditions are due to the interrogation window in which experimental data were analyzed. For the rectangular window employed, decelerating flow at a channel exit or accelerating flow in a tapered channel downstream of the location under investigation was averaged into the data Finally, data was not resolved near the walls due to low seed density, which was attributed to particle settling at the low flow conditions and to asymmetry in the flow network, which tended to yield a non-uniform distribution of particles in the channels.
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