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The Feminist Itinerant School: A Feminist Pedagogical Approach to Curriculum Transformation for Public School Teachers in Brazil Public Deposited

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  • This Thesis examines Brazil’s political and historical context to explore and understand the logics behind the high rates of violence in our society. It focuses in education as one of our main vehicles of disseminating knowledge and therefore culture, language and values that might be contributing and perpetuating sexism, racism, and classism. It argues and emphasizes the importance of feminist and critical pedagogies to bring different perspectives to the curriculum through a literature review that has guided the development of the suggested workshop for public schools’ teacher. The workshop named The Itinerant Feminist school intents to reflect upon social cultural and political issues that directly affects students’ lives and our teaching practices. Opening a space for teacher to share their own concerns in the classroom at the same time as exploring and understanding how privilege, positionality and implicit bias might be embedded in our practices.
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