A review of the Lepturinae (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) of the Pacific Northwest, with special attention to the elderberry longhorn beetle, Desmocerus Dejean Public Deposited



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  • Here presented is a photographic catalogue, a key, and literature review for the 35 genera and 90 species of lepturine longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae: Lepturinae) found in the Pacific Northwest. Several nomenclatural changes, recognized by the global taxonomic community, but previously unknown to North American authors, are adopted, and one new nomenclatural act is given. Within one genus, Desmocerus Dejean (Tribe Desmocerini), individuals were found that were inconsistent with the already described species. Additional specimens were obtained from throughout the known distribution of Desmocerus populations, and two genes, mitochondrial CO1 and nuclear 28S rDNA, were sequenced and analyzed to clarify species limits, and to construct a preliminary phylogenetic analysis for the genus. Based on the accumulated evidence, two new species from the Pacific Northwest are proposed, along with a revised taxonomy for Desmocerus. The review is intended to be legible to the non-professional public, like a field guide, but contains as much technical information as possible to facilitate further study by researchers, citizen scientists, and teachers who might incorporate the study of insects into their classroom.
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